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Rental list

Ruger 1911 .45

Bersa thunder 380acp

Ruger lc9s 9mm

Springfield armory xdm 40 sw

Sig sauer p238 380 acp

Sig sauer p938 9mm

Springfield Xds 45acp

Hk p30 9mm

Hk usp 9mm

Fnh fnp45 45 acp

Sig sauer p232 380 acp

Sig sauer p229 elite 40sw

Bond arms snake slayer 45colt/410

Sig sauer p220. 45 acp

Sw 642 revolver 38spl

Sw bodyguard 380 acp

Kimber tactical proII 9mm

Sw mp shield 9mm

Kimber Crimson carry 380 acp

Kimber solo carry 9mm

Kimber ultra carry II 9mm

Kimber custom II 45 acp

Sw 1911pc 45 acp

Magnum research desert eagle 50 ae

Springfield xdm 9mm

Ruger Sr.-at ar15 556

Rock river lar 15 .223

Sw mp15 ar15 5.56

Sig sauer m400 ar15 5.56

Pof p308 ar10 308

Stoeger m3500 12 ga

Stoeger m3020. 20 ga

Franchi intensity 12 ga

Franchi affinity 20 ga

Stoeger long fowler over under 12 ga

Glock 17,19,21,and 23

Sig Sauer p320

HK VP9 9mm

Our rentals are $20.00 and you must purchase the ammunition for the rental from us.